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Music Samples

Code Style Tempo Instruments
gm218.1 Country Southwestern Medium guitar percussion
gm249.42 Country Folk slow piano, strings
gm277.11 country fast guitar
gm277.40 country - with Asian and pop hints medium slow acoustic guitar, electric guitar
gm302.46 easy listening, country, folk slow guitar, percussion
gm318.50 Country Rock medium up guitars, percussion
gm329.10 Country medium acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboard
gm383.2 pop/country rock fast electric guitar, percussion
gm383.26 pop/country rock fast electric guitar, drums, piano
gm383.31 country rock medium fast electric guitar, steel guitar, drums
gm383.37 country rock medium guitar, electric guitar, drums
gm425.13 country, blues medium slow acoustic guitars, tuba, mandolin
gm489.4 Country, Bluegrass Medium Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
nt69.11 country Blues up guitar percussion
pg25.23 country medium guitars, drums
pg25.29 Country Blues Medium Fast guitars drums
sc28.35 country medium slow guitars
sc28.39 country medium mandolin, fiddle
sc2.9 Country medium up guitar, percussion, piano
sc31.30 country bluegrass up guitars mandolin
sc40.41 top pick, pop country medium steel guitar, drums
sc47.34 country - bluegrass fast banjo, fiddle, guitar
sc53.37 Country medium slow banjo, guitar
sc5.35 country contmeporary medium up guitar, percussion
sc60.24 country - spaghetti western fast guitar, percussion
sc60.33 pop country fast elec. guitar, drums
sc62.11 easy listening, pop, country medium fast guitar, percussion
sc65.20 country medium guitar, percussion, accordion
sc67.12 country pop medium fast guitar, drums
sc67.17 country, Southern rock medium fast guitar, drums
sc67.8 country medium fast guitar, drums
sc6.2 Country rock up guitar percussion
sc80.33 country medium guitars