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Music Samples

Code Style Tempo Instruments
gm180.1 classical medium slow piano & violin
gm225.11 classical- Mozart medium slow piano
gm225.19 Classical- Debussy Clair de Lune medium slow piano
gm225.23 classical- Elgar medium piano
gm225.33 classical- Brahms medium slow piano
gm225.41 classical- Debussy medium slow piano
gm225.48 classical- Grieg medium piano
gm225.6 classical- Poulenc medium piano
gm278.1 classical - Vivaldi medium fast orchestra
gm278.10 classical - Albinoni medium strings, oboe
gm278.12 classical - Albinoni fast orchestra, oboe
gm278.13 classical - Albinoni fast strings
gm278.3 classical - Vivaldi medium fast orchestra, oboe
gm278.4 classical - Vivaldi medium fast orchestra
gm278.7 classical - Vivaldi fast two oboes, strings
gm282.1 classical - Vivaldi medium orchestra
gm282.13 classical - Bellini medium - varied strings
gm283.4 classical - Vivaldi medium orchestra
gm285.1 classical - Mozart medium orchestra
gm285.3 classical - Mozart slow orchestra
gm285.4 classical - Mozart slow orchestra
gm331.22 classical, religious - Haydn Praise We Sing to Thee slow piano, wind
gm331.4 classical, religious - Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring medium slow piano, wind
mb893.15 classical medium string quartet
nt13.1 religious, classical slow classical guitar
nt13.13 religious, classical medium slow classical guitar
nt13.17 classical medium slow classical guitar
nt13.25 classical, religious medium slow solo guitar
nt13.5 classical, religious slow solo guitar
nt13.9 religious, classical medium classical guitar
nt32.1 classical medium slow piano
nt40.1 classical- Rossini medium strings
nt40.13 classical- Rossini medium slow strings
nt40.33 classical- Rossini medium up strings
nt41.1 classical- Mozart medium slow strings
nt41.21 classical- Mozart medium strings
nt41.25 classical- Mozart medium strings
nt51.1 classical- Mozart medium strings
nt51.13 classical- Mozart medium strings
nt51.17 classical- Mozart medium up strings
nt51.21 classical- Mozart medium strings
nt51.9 classical- Mozart medium up strings
nt52.1 classical- Chopin up piano
nt52.5 classical- Chopin medium up piano
nt52.9 classical waltz slow piano
sc41.27 easy listening, classical slow solo piano
sc43.1 classical slow classical guitar
sc43.5 classical medium classical guitar
sc48.36 classical - ethnic - Latin slow solo classical guitar
sc48.40 classical - easy listening slow solo guitar
sc55.35 classical slow solo classical guitar
sc55.39 classical slow solo classical guitar
sc64.1 Classical - Mozart Serenade in G Major up orchestra
sc64.13 Classical - Grieg Morning Mood slow orchestra
sc64.21 Classical - Tchaikovsky Swan Lake up orchestra
sc64.5 Classical - Vivaldi Concerto in E Majo medium orchestra
sc64.9 Classical - Rossini up orchestra
sc70.1 classical - Chopin: Waltz #1 in E Flat medium varies piano
sc70.17 classical - Chopin: Waltz #10 in B Minor medium varies piano
sc72.1 classical - Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Oboes medium varies oboe, strings
sc72.5 classical - De Falla: Danse Espagnole medium fast varies strings
sc72.9 classical - Bach: Concerto for Violin & Oboe medium fast varies oboe, strings
sc78.33 classical - Frere Jacques medium slow oboe, flute, strings