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Here are your on-hold options

If you need the Music On Hold option on your phones, you have several options. Reliable adapters are no longer being manufactured so it’s time to think about new phones.

You can buy phones similar to what you’re currently using or ask us about VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) systems that offer a world of features for a very low price.

VOIP Systems

Because we regularly interface with every type of phone system imaginable, we can recommend a VOIP system that is best suited to your needs.

You’ll be amazed at the features and benefits that VOIP has to offer, and understand why it’s really time to look seriously at converting to this telephone standard. It really is time to convert. Ask us about the best system for you.

Vtech CM18445 phones

If you want a super reliable set of phones for your small office, Vtech offers the CM18445 4 line small business system. The music-on-hold function is easy to program. We’ve included a link to the manual below, You can find instructions beginning on page 18,