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Our Announcers

Male (US English)

Name Style Demo
Andrew Warm and Compelling
Bryan Conversational, Personable
Eric Conversational, Authoritative
Grant Happy and Mellow
Nat Upbeat and Professional
Nathan Young, Personable
Norm Informative and Friendly
Tom Happy, Energetic

Female (US English)

Name Style Demo
Cathi Friendly, Smooth
Eve Warm and Friendly
Jessica Happy and Upbeat
Kat Young, Energetic
Kay Happy, Friendly
Lee Happy, Energetic
Sandy Informative, Friendly
Tori Upbeat and Friendly

English - UK

Name Style Demo
Sarah British Accent

English - Australian

Name Style Demo
Anna-Lisa Australian Accent
Nathan Australian Accent  


Name Style Demo
Catalina Spanish
Linda Spanish
Ricardo Spanish

Brazilian Portuguese

Name Style Demo


Name Style Demo


Name Style Demo

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