Overhead Music

Overhead Music


Whether your customers are sitting in your 200 square foot waiting room, or shopping in your 300,000 square-foot retail store, overhead music can create a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Create a branded atmosphere

Are you trying to create a certain “atmosphere” in your lobby or restaurant? Overhead music is a powerful tool to set the tone in your environment.

Brand your locations with the same service used by Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Holiday Inn and more. Captive Audience is ready to deliver.

One simple player does it all

The plug and play hardware is simple, and loads automatically with new songs, so you’re always up to date, and the commercial music fees are included in your low monthly fee.

Add channels for custom announcements, messages on hold, and digital video, all from one simple player.


Agreements can be month to month, and it’s easy to get started, Ask us about overhead music today!