Ads on Hold

Ads on Hold

What happens when you push the hold button?


What goes on when you push the hold button on your phone? Dead silence? A radio station with ads for a competitor? We have a better idea, talk about products and services you offer your customers. It’s pretty simple: if you put information about your products along with music on hold, your customers will buy more. You’ll make an outstanding return on your investment with Captive Audience advertising on hold.

Simple Process

Our subscribscription service keeps your messages updated to keep in step with your other marketing efforts. Either way, your callers will ask about what they hear on hold.



Simple Equipment

Your digital repeater from Captive Audience will repeat your message endlessly. The digital repeater has no moving parts, and is a snap to operate. High-quality MP3 files send a clear audio message to callers.


Incredible Sound

Your message and music will make you sound like a million bucks. Clear scripts and experienced announcers will explain your products in a way that generates conversations with your callers. You’ll be developing quality leads, right on your own phone system, every day.

Automatic Sales

As your callers hear about what you can do for them, they’ll ask for more information, and you’ll sell more. Whether its a product, a service you provide, a special or a public service, Captive Audience will get you results.